A taste of Campagna Amica

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Please, tell us your experience @ the market:

There are many products at Campagna Amica market that have caught my attention and are very unique that I would definitely recommend to anyone. There is a product of “crema” that comes in various flavors: mushroom, spinach, eggplant, orange, zucchini, etc. I love the mushroom one that I can eat with bread and cook with pasta. I can even buy some jars as gifts or souvenirs for my family and friends, since they are wrapped very beautifully. I also love the breadsticks as a snack. They come with sesame seeds or chili that adds an extraordinary taste. I also enjoy the delightful juices and jellies. There are all kinds of juices; one of my favorites is white rose. The jelly has a heavenly taste and when you combine it with cheese, it is mind-blowing. There are many excellent products at the market with brilliant ideas; these were just a few that were fascinating to me.