The Great Beauty

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Here at Campagna Amica, we provide tours around the market for visitors. This Sunday, we will give a tour to 25 Chinese tourists. At the tour, we will show them what Campagna Amica is, as well as introduce them to the products being sold at the market. We will also provide the opportunity to sample new products and combinations unique to the market giving the best experience possible. Campagna Amica is  a place where producers and farmers from Lazio region come to sell their locally-produced fresh foods, including  fruits, vegetables, honey, olive oil, wine, sausages, seafood, meats, cheeses, jams, juices, etc. Produce only coming from Lazio guarantees high quality organic, fresh products. The tour of the market may even include sampling regional sheep cheeses (only produced in Lazio) paired with locally made jams offering a delicious memory of the market and your time spent in Rome.
Throughout the tour we will be making stops at many of the local vendors’ stands where the products being sold will be explained.  The variety available at the market ensures there is something to interest everyone. For example, there are different wine workshops offered every week where visitors are welcome to sample various wines locally produced. At the market you will also notice an area filled with locals and tourists alike making sandwiches using these fresh ingredients from the market. Continuing through the market you will be introduced to the freshest ingredients available in Rome.