What Everyone Loves About Campagna Amica

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I took my friends on a tour of Campagna Amica and they loved it. They loved tasting all the different creams on bread and crackers, delicious chocolate, different kinds of cheeses, olives and olive oil, honey, wines, juices, preserved artichokes, etc. They loved the idea of trying unique foods before making the decision of buying it. They loved the goat cheese that they have never tasted before and loved its rich taste. They loved walking around the market and just being there. The market gives a lively and cheerful vibe.

What my friends loved the most about the market were the environment and the farmers. People that go to the market, the producers, and the staff are all very friendly and have great personalities that everyone loves. The producers were nice enough to let people try their discoveries before the customers buy and they have a fun time trying delightful products and unique combinations. The producers always have a smile on their faces and love getting to know the customers. They practice their English by asking my friends where they are from and have a great sense of humor. My friends loved talking to the producers and asking them about their fresh produce. They had a great experience at the market, where everyone should definitely go during their visit to Rome.