My first impressions of Campagna Amica was…..

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Interning at Campagna Amica was a great experience. It is an experience I will never forget while living in Rome. I loved meeting new people at the market and helping people find their way. Not only were the producers nice, friendly people, the people who went to the market to shop also had great personalities. They were very interested in the market and wanted to know more about it. I love telling them that the products at the market are only from the region Lazio, and the vendors are the actual farmers who produce their goods. People get surprised and thankful that there are shopping at a place that promotes organic, healthy food.

While, working, I asked a customer questions about the market. The questions were: What were your first impressions? What do you like about the market? What’s your favorite thing at the market? How is it different than produce shopping? This is Christina’s answer to these questions: “My first impressions of Campagna Amica was that it was very busy, lively and chaotic. I went to the market the first weekend I arrived in Rome, and I did not know any Italian, so it was a bit intimidating to navigate the whole system. My roommates and I hung back observing how everything worked. Then we jumped in and tried to communicate what we wanted to the different vendors. I really like the freshness and affordable fruits and vegetables. My favorite thing is the wine and cheeses there.” There were only one suggestion to improve the market a little more and it was to have more English signs of the products. Nevertheless, the market was the perfect place for me to intern and I am glad I got the opportunity to do it.