Producer and Game of the Week

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Producer of the Week

Meet Azienda Agricola Il Cerqueto

il cerqueto

According to historians, one of the reasons why the Romans managed to conquer the world is that they had with them stocks of lentils and beans and they didn’t have to worry about killing then preserving animals. Legumes are a great source for nutrients as well as easily transferable. One of the best legume producers in Lazio is Il Cerqueto. Il Cerqueto offers a wide variety of legumes and other great products like jams, honey, and sweets. Come by the market this weekend and check them out!


Game of the Week

Every year, the United Nations declares an international year dedicated to a good cause to raise awareness about it as well as celebrate it. What is 2016 the year of?

(HINT: It might relate to our Producer of the Week)


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